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Community Projects

The Odd Fellows undertake various community projects in the world with numerous charitable foundations and philanthropic endeavours. The Grand Lodge of South Australia undertakes fund raising each year, as do the individuals Lodges. The community projects directly run by the South Australian Odd Fellows includes:

Fishing For The Disabled Australia Incorporated (Assisting Anglers with a disability and establishing Angling as a competitive sport in Australia for people with a disability).

Who We Are

Fishing For The Disabled Australia was officially in 1996 in South Australia by members of the South Australian Odd Fellows as an Association dedicated to assisting people with a disability.

Fishing For The Disabled Australia provides people with a disability the opportunity to learn, explore, enjoy the great outdoors and the world of fishing. The aim of membership in IOOF Trust in Angling Australia Inc. is to participate in organised fishing days, and eventually compete in the thrilling sport of Angling


New members are welcome to attend a few fishing days out and evening programs as a complementary introductory service to Fishing For The Disabled Australia before deciding to join. During each calendar year fishing days are regularly scheduled for members for to attend, and includes both salt water and fresh water in the Adelaide metropolitan area (South Australia).

Each year a fishing competition is held for members and participants. Fishing For The Disabled Australia also takes groups of interested people fishing from community service organisations for people with a disability as a service to other charitable non-profit organisations.

Our Purpose

Apart from being an exciting alternative recreational activity and sport, angling is accessible to more people than many other recreational activities and sports. Angling requires skill, knowledge and luck rather than physical prowess.

Environmental Policies

Fishing For The Disabled Australia recommends the use of barbless hooks by all members and coordinators to make it easier to return fish to the water, and to minimise damage to fish.

The Association encourages adherence to the State Daily Bag and Size Limits.

KeyInvest - Odd Fellows Foundation

In 2012 the foundation was established as a joint venture between the directors of KeyInvest Ltd and the Grand Lodge of South Australia I.O.O.F.
The foundation will enjoy funding from both organisations to enable it to make grants available to disadvantaged young people and the elderly.